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Design of Universal Coil for Medium Voltage Switchgear

Prachal Jadeja


In the market, currently multiple ratings of D.C. voltages are available for the auxiliary supply of medium voltage switchgear. There is a wide range of D.C. supplies used in the medium voltage segment like 24 V, 30 V, 48 V, 60 V, 110 V, 125 V and 220 V. Normally the closing coil and tripping coil of a circuit breaker are designed for a specific auxiliary supply voltage which leads to several variants of coils for a different level of auxiliary supply voltages leading to more inventory costs. Even looking forward to smart grid the breakers needs to be smart enough to operate in all fault condition. Thus, the coil being an integral part of breaker needs to be intelligent. The paper presents design and analysis of a universal coil which is capable of handling multiple levels of auxiliary supply voltages with the help of power electronic converters. Its performance is compared with the operation of the multi-tapping coil and that of a coil fed through Zener diode.

Keywords: Circuit breaker, current fusing capacity, coil design, power electronics

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Prachal Jadeja. Design of Universal Coil for Medium Voltage Switchgear. Recent Trends in Sensor Research & Technology. 2017; 4(2): 26–30p.

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