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Antenna as a Biosensor: A Survey

Rahul Babarao Khadase, Anil Bapusa Nandgaonkar



Besides the communication, antenna has a great capability to sense the physical condition of surrounding environment and object. A minute change in the antenna design depending on the application or experimental conditions is required to use antenna as a sensor. Combining these antennas with passive RFID chips, results in a fabulous sensing device with large number of advantages like small size, light weight, low cost, low energy consumption, durable etc. In this paper, we reviewed some applications of antenna as sensor, including antenna as a gas sensor, humidity sensor, glucose sensor and temperature sensor. Research shows that antenna has the capability to replace conventional sensors, which will surely transform the future of sensing devices by providing properties like low profile, multitasking antenna cum sensor, reducing power consumption, size and cost of the device. A conceptual design of implantable RFID continuous glucose monitoring device is proposed.

Keywords: Antenna as sensor, RFID (radio frequency identification), glucose, implantable device

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Khadase Rahul B, Anil Nandgaonkar. Antenna as a Biosensor: A Survey. Recent Trends in Sensor Research & Technology. 2018; 5(1): 1–13p.


Antenna as Sensor, RFID (radio frequency identification), Glucose, Implantable device.

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