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Bike Accident Detection and Alert System

Minnu Maria Joseph, Thushara G., Pujari Sowmya, Xavier Arockiaraj S.



An improved bike accident detection and alert system is presented. The system consists of two modules namely an accelerometer cum gyroscope and GPS (Global Positioning System) cum GSM (Global system for Mobile) module with a piezo electric sensor. First, the system powers on along with the bike’s ignition, then the gyroscope keeps on checking if the tilt of the vehicle is greater than 60°. Similarly, accelerometer checks whether there is any deceleration occurrence of greater than 3 m/s2; along with these two modules, the piezo electric sensor monitors if there is any excess force exerted on the vehicle, if it is so, then the system confirms that crash has occurred. At this instance, the GSM module present in the system, retrieves the vehicle location from the GPS module and sends it to the emergency contact which is initially saved in the GSM module. Then using Google API, nearby hospital can be routed and alerted for fast medical help. In addition to this, there is a Bluetooth module installed in this setup which is used for manual shutdown that can be enabled from phone, if the person does not require medical attention. 

Keywords: Bluetooth, GPS, GSM, Piezo electric sensor

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Minnu Maria Joseph, Thushara G, Pujari Sowmya et al. Bike Accident Detection and Alert System. Recent Trends in Sensor Research & Technology. 2018; 5(1):      19–23p.

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