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A Survey on Microgrid Power Control and Management Technique for Distributed Power Generator Units

Kirti Yadav


The micro grid could consist of several configurations of renewable and non-renewable energy sources like solar photo-voltaic cell (PV) array that varies with the utility because of the fluctuations in primary power generation unit. Such integration of renewable energy reserves within the micro grid may well be accustomed in order to supplement the gap caused by variability in the power generation. The control and power management methods for the distributed power generation (DPG) inverters employs a brand new model based on predictive management rule to avail power distribution services in much faster computational time, that too for large scale power systems by optimizing the steady-state and also the transient control challenge on an individual basis. This study presents a survey of control and management techniques for micro-grid consisting of various DPG units. Herein, we summarizes several management schemes and methodologies used for the DPG inverter that decomposes the control downside into steady-state and transient sub issues so as to cut back the general computation time in order to form the stability of power distribution system with additive responsiveness.


Keywords: Energy management, microgrid, renewable power source

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