Disc Spring Washer: Design and Axisymmetric analysis using ANSYS

R. G. Zala, K.R. Gawande


Disc spring washer has many applications including in wide variety of bolted connections. Disc spring washer consist of a coned disk, which has typical load deflection characteristics. It is especially useful where very large force is desired for small amount of deflection of spring. In this paper, safe design of disc spring washer is obtained using analytical procedure for given value of nominal force. Axisymmetric analysis of disc spring washer is carried out using finite element analysis software ANSYS to find out stress and deflection values. Results obtained from finite element analysis are compared with existing analytical results. This study validates the use of existing analytical procedure for safe design of disc spring washer.

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Zala RG, Gawande KR. Disc spring washer: design and axisymmetric analysis
using ANSYS. Trends in Machine Design. 2017; 4(3): 21–25p.


Disc spring washer, design, axisymmetric analysis, ANSYS

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.37591/tmd.v4i3.212


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