Slotting Attachment on Carriage of Lathe Machine

Jethva Priyanshu P., Gangadiya Bhargav J, Sherasiya Sarfaraj G, Hardik P. Hindocha


Keyway is the process which is done on slotting machine. Generally keyway is generate on shaft, which is used in a different types of coupling for transmitting the power and hold together different parts. To accommodate key slot is providing either in shaft or in mounting devices or in both according to types of key, this is called or known as keyway. It’s reducing the strength of the part. In a lathe machine drilling, chamfering, boring, knurling, turning, spinning and etc. operation can be done on lathe machine. In lathe machine, generally work piece is mounting on chuck and tool is mounting on tool-post. Keyway is not done on lathe machine. By implement of attachment keyway also generate by use of lathe machine. In this project keyway attachment is produce. For only keyway generation, purchase of slotting machine is costly for the small scale industry, so instead of this try to use lathe machine to doing keyway operation is beneficial.


Keyway; Lathe machine; Attachment; Tool.

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Jethva Priyanshu P., Gangadiya Bhargav J., Sherasiya Sarfaraj G., Hardik P. Hindocha. Slotting Attachment on Carriage of Lathe Machine. Trends in Machine Design. 2019; 6(1): 25–28p.



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