Condition Monitoring of a Round Bar with a Defect Using Vibration Analysis

Neelakantha V londhe, Muhammed Siraj U.M., Adnan Ashraf, Jabir V. P., Roshil Rose


As an energy-saving and high-efficient stress relieving process, vibratory stress relief [VSR] influence of on fatigue life is still explicit and needs further investigation. Standard specimens are manufactured to study the VSR effects on 2014 T6 aluminum alloy fatigue behavior. Dynamic stresses generated during vibration are measured by strain gauge and the residual stresses with and without VSR are compared to validate the stress relieving effects. Eventually, fatigue tests are conducted to obtain the fatigue behavior of 2014 T6 aluminum alloy treated by VSR with different amplitudes. Experimental results show that when the amplitude is small enough, the fatigue life is almost unaffected by VSR. Fatigue life increases with the VSR amplitude when the amplitude changes. The fatigue limit increases by amplitude VSR. The fatigue life decreases with the increase of the amplitude when the amplitude changes .VSR with amplitude decreases fatigue life, which should be deliberated in engineering application. It is concluded that low amplitude VSR has positive effects on 2014 T6-  aluminum alloy fatigue life, and high amplitude VSR has negative effects.


Vibratory stress relief (VSR); aluminium alloy; fatigue life; VSR effects

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Neelakantha V. Londhe, Muhammed Siraj U.M., Adnan Ashraf, Jabir V.P., Roshil Rose. Condition Monitoring of a Round Bar with a Defect Using Vibration Analysis. Trends in Machine Design. 2019; 6(2): 5–7p.



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