Design and Development of Special Purpose Drilling Machine

Duradundi Sawant Badkar, Swaroop R. Parab, Pranit G. Hanchanale, Shubham M. Daiv, Sanket S. Bhosale, Rohit T. Bamanekar


This paper presents the design and manufacture of an automated drilling machine based on microcontroller (Arduino) to produce holes (10mm depth) in the work pieces of stainless steel AISI304. The drilling machining process proposed for a cycle of drilling. The cycle process begins when the start switch is pressed on, the head motor drives the ballscrew on which the drilling motor is mounted, by this arrangement the z axis movement of drilling machine can be controlled.  The chuck and drill bit is connected to motor shaft with the help of coupler.  The ballscrew is connected to head motor with the help of coupler. When head motor drives the ballscrew in counterclockwise direction then the drilling motor moves in downward direction and the hole is generated, after the hole is generated the head motor rotates in clockwise direction and the drilling motor comes at the rest position The header motor is connected to microcontroller which controls the direction. During the operation microcontroller helps to control speed and feed of drilling machine. At the end of this project, the result shows that the designed system was able to run the drilling process autonomously for stainless steel material AISI304.


Drilling Machine; Automated; microcontroller; ballscrew; header motor; drilling motor

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