Weight Calculation of Forging Die Design for Gear Blank

Amit Bhumarker, Sachin Gayakwad


Forging is one of the most adopted manufacturing processes, in which raw material is plastically deformed in to desired shape and size of component. The majority of the crucial load bearing structure component as well as safety critical items are processed through forging process. This is mainly due to the strength and dimensional accuracy of component can be achieved in forging process. Faster production of complex shapes with the less wastages of material can be manufactured with the help of forging process. This benefit cannot be achieved by any other manufacturing process. The maximum strength of component can be achieved by forging process. Especially components used in automobile section are manufactured by the forging process. Components such as shafts, connecting rod, and planetary gear blank.


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Amit Bhumarker, Sachin Gayakwad. Weight Calculation of Forging Die Design for Gear Blank.Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2017; 7(3):


Hot close die forging, speed gear blank, catia v5, 3D modeling, manufacturing

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