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Design Optimization of C-Band 4-Channel WDM Optical Communication System using EDFA

Refaya Taskin Shama, Nisa Alam, Sadia Yasmin, Md. Sajid Hossain, Rinku Basak



In this work, the design and experimental characterization of high performance C band Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) booster which is pumped at 980 nm are presented. The system is simulated using Optisystem software to achieve gain flatness of EDF through optimized fiber length and pumping wavelength. The performance of the system is more efficient at the pumping wavelength of 980 nm than that of 1480 nm for a wide range of high pump power. The EDF gain and noise figure have been investigated in terms of varying different parameters of EDF such as numerical aperture, erbium doped fiber radius and pump power in 4 channel wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) system. Simulation results show that the erbium doped fiber gain is more at lower numerical aperture (i.e. 0.35) and at erbium doped fiber radius (2 μm). In this simulation maximum gain is 14.72 dB and noise figure is 7.2 dB for 550 mW pump power.

Keywords: EDFA, wavelength division multiplexer, single mode fibers, gain, noise figure, numerical aperture, Erbium doped fiber core radius

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