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Effects of Variation of Injection Current and Differential Gain on 450 nm InGaN True Blue Semiconductor Laser

Nasidul Islam, Pramit Barua, Kazi Hassan Ferdous, Tasfia Farzana Khan, Rinku Basak



In this work, the performance analysis of a designed 450 nm InGaN True Blue Semiconductor Laser has been presented by varying injection current and differential gain. The study has been divided into three major segments; the first of which deals with changes in carrier density, photon density and output power with variation of injection current. A maximum output power of 182.6 mW is obtained for 90 mA injection current and further increasing the injection current to 130 mA the output power is obtained as 218.9 mW. The next segment brings forth the results of variations to differential gain on carrier density and photon density. The photon density increases with the increase of differential gain by minimizing the turn on delay of the laser. The last part of the work deals with changes to resonance frequency due to the variations of differential gain. For 90 mA injection current a maximum resonance frequency of 14.6 GHz of the laser is obtained at 4 x10-16 cm2 differential gain.

Keywords: differential gain, injection current, output power, resonance frequency, semiconductor lasers, true blue laser

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