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Effects of Variation of Injection Current on Characteristics of a 1550 nm Semiconductor Laser

Fakir Sheik Zihad, Muhammad Mahfuz, Bijoy Kumar Bhowmik, Md. Sadeq -Ul- Amin, Rinku Basak



This work represents the prototype of both the analytical and the simulation based study on high speed communication system particularly high speed data transmission through optical fiber using 1550 nm InGaAsP/InP laser. In recent years, Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) are prerequisites for future ultrahigh data-rate systems. This paper represents an overview on high speed performance of the 1550 nm VCSEL. Using MATLAB simulation tool the characteristics of the laser have been obtained. The obtained characteristics have been discussed in this work for obtaining better performance and high speed of data transmission through optical fiber. At 300 K temperature, the threshold current of the device is obtained as 0.78 mA. With this threshold current the VCSEL allows high-speed operation. By varying injection current up to 10 to 20 times of the threshold current a maximum output power of 2.089 mw and a maximum modulation bandwidth is obtained as 22.2 GHz which is helpful for high speed data transmission through optical fiber.

Keywords: Laser diode, bandwidth, VCSEL, MQW

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