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Improved Performance Characteristics of a Designed 1050 nm Bottom Emitting MQW VCSEL using Al0.25Ga0.22In0.53As/InP Materials

Rinku Basak



In this work, the design and performance characteristics of a bottom emitting Al0.25Ga0.22In0.53As/InP Multi-Quantum Well (MQW) Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSEL) have been presented for operation at a wavelength of 1050 nm. The transparency carrier density and bandgap energy of the QW and barrier materials are computed. An improved performance of the designed VCSEL has been obtained by selecting a material with high gain and lower transparency carrier density in the well. The material gain of Al0.25Ga0.22In0.53As/InP QW VCSEL is also calculated and the obtained value is 2303 cm-1. The differential quantum efficiency of the designed VCSEL is obtained as 15.67%. At 300K the threshold current of the VCSEL is obtained as 0.56 mA and the corresponding bias voltage of the device is required as 1.98 volt. A maximum output power of 3.29 mW of the VCSEL is obtained at 20.5 mA injection current and the corresponding modulation bandwidth is obtained as 15 GHz which makes it suitable for the application in optical interconnects.

Keywords: MQW, VCSEL, Semiconductor Laser

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