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A Case Study of Free Space Optic Performance Using Simulation Tools – OptSim

Mohd Jaya Abdullah, Abu Samah Supa’at, Abu Bakar Mohamad, Muhammad Ridwanto


Free space optics (FSO) has received a great deal of attention lately both in the military and civilian information society due to its potentially high capacity, rapid deployment, portability and high security from deception and jamming. A proper understanding of optical signal propagation in different atmospheric conditions has become essential, and thus there arises the need to rationalize the effects of atmospheric channel on terrestrial FSO links. This paper studies and evaluates free space transmission by varying the distance. It focuses on their performance in atmospheric effect. This is achieved by observing the output spectrum and eye-diagram that are obtained using OptSim simulator. The behaviors of FSO model with different distances of data transmission are evaluated and compared.

Keywords:Free space optics, Atmosphere attenuation, Scintillation, Scattering,Transmission quality parameters

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