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Performance Comparison of Hadamard Code and MultiDiagonal Code in SAC-OCDMA system

Brijesh Bharti


Abstract: The objective of this study is performance Comparison of two different coding techniques in spectral-amplitude coding OCDMA (SAC-OCDMA) Here two such codes. Hadamard code and multi-diagonal code are simulated in OCDMA codes have been compared in terms of the BER, length and data rate First, we simulate the OCDMA using Hadamard code. And analyze the performance of OCDMA system. Again, simulate the OCDMA using MD code. Then compare both of coding scheme. Our aim is investigating which coding scheme best for the OCDMA system.

Keywords: Spectral-amplitude coding OCDMA, optical orthogonal codes, Hadamard code, and MD codes

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Brijesh Bharti. Performance Comparison of Hadamard Code and Multi-Diagonal Code in SAC-OCDMA system. Trends in OptoElectro & Optical Communication. 2019; 9(1): 46–55p. 

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