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IOT Based Smart Train

Ankit Kumar Mandal, Roshan Rajendra Bhosale, Mayuresh Dinesh Gotarne, Nitesh Navnath Durgude, Neha Mahajan



Local train is very integral part of our day today life. We largely depend on them for commutation. But that journey could become a horrible experience for us, the commuters, when trains are overcrowded and unfortunately crowd in train is a mundane thing. This experience could even get worse when entire family with lots of baggage travels. We can use the technology to provide the information to the people in advance to make their journey possibly comfortable. The demo IOT system which we are proposing has a compartment and will carry sensor system to sense the occupancy of the compartment. This will help to indicate the crowd percentage well before arrival of train to the station.

Keywords: IOT, Crowd Management. Optical Sensor, smart train, LCD screen

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Roshan Rajendra Bhosale, Ankit Kumar Mandal, Mayuresh Dinesh Gotarne, Nitesh Navnath Durgude, Neha Mahajan. IOT Based Smart Train. Trends in Opto-electro & Optical Communication. 2020; 10(2): 21–25p.

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