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An Advanced Wireless Network Security

Sunil Kumar Kashyap, Abhishek Badholia, Vijayant Verma



This paper focuses on an application of Logarithmic-Probability Theory (LPT) over the Wireless Network Security (WNS). The compact principle of LPT generalizes to the improvement of the security of the wireless network. The capacity of WNS is studied in this paper also via discrete probability distribution function. The channels are established to set the new system of WNS. To communicate with efficiency by source coding is an objective of this paper. An advantage noticed of source coding is, the data can be compressed. Hence the information transforms through the networks optimally with the minimum possible number of bits. This is a technique referred as the Bit-Streaming Technique (BST) for the WNS. Nowadays, this technique is very useful by the availability of common noisy networks.

Keywords: LPT, WNS, BST

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Abhishek Badholia, Vijayant Verma, Sunil Kumar Kashyap. An Advanced Wireless Network Security. Current Trends in Signal Processing. 2018; 8(3): 18–23p.

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