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A Survey: Video Stabilization Techniques for Handheld Videos

Himali B. Ghorpade, Sonal K. Jagtap


Taking selfies and videos from multimedia devices such as mobile phone cameras, smart phones, and camcorders is a very recent trend. Video stabilization is an important technology which aims at removing annoying shaky motion from videos. Video sequences captured by handheld cameras exhibit various spatiotemporal distortions which cause unpleasant visual experience. To overcome this problem and to get rid of unwanted camera motions various video stabilization techniques are designed which reduces shaky camera movements. The paper presents the review of the various techniques of video stabilization.

Keywords: Video stabilization, motion estimation, motion smoothing, motion compensation

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Himali B Ghorpade, Sonal Jagtap. A Survey: Video Stabilization Techniques for Handheld Videos. Current Trends in Signal Processing. 2017; 7(2): 8–12p.

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