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A Review on Wi-Vi Technology

Nimmi Ignatious Perumadan, Solwin Johnson


Wi-Vi is a new emerging technology that captures moving objects behind a wall or obstacle. Previous attempts used array of spaced antennas to track the moving objects through walls. This would be very expensive and bulky. So, in its place Wi-Vi is used which uses only one receiver. Wi-Vi technology is similar to radar and sonar imaging. But Wi-Vi uses very low power Wi-Fi signals for the transmission. The Wi-Fi signal penetrates through the wall and reflects off any human moving behind the wall. Wi-Vi system cancels out the random reflections, and keeps only the reflecting signals from moving object. Under this technology, a human does not carry any wireless device to communicate commands or short messages to a receiver using simple gestures. This paper mainly concentrates on two innovations: (1) MIMO based technology to avoid reflections from static objects; (2) use of ISAR for tracking the human motion. Wi-Vi can be built into a smart phone or special handheld devices. It can be used in law enforcement, emergency situations and personal security. Wi-Vi can be envisioned, promising a new technology in virtual reality.


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