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A review on Pole mounted GSM based circuit breaker

Rishabh Dutt Shukla, Vibudh Prabhakar Vishal, Syed Azeem Ahmad, Pratibha Pathak, Apoorva Srivastava


At this modern age of technology-heavy machines working on live electric lines are more in numbers then compared to past few years. The fast development of electrical industries developed standards and established safety procedures to minimize various types of major hazards that may lead to severe injuries and death of the operators. However, if the scenario of the lines needs to be repaired that’s where the job will be endangered and sometimes even death of the operators may take place, thus electrical accidents are the major problem in the power system which mostly face by the lineman while repairing the electrical lines due to the lack in communication between the electrical substation and maintenance staff. This project gives a solution to this problem to ensure lineman safety and reduce the cause of accidents only person assigned for maintenance will able to isolate the targeted circuit from the entire network for maintenance this will solve the unnecessary power cuts during the maintenance and also provide safety to the person assigned for maintenance. "Pole Mounted GSM-based Circuit Breaker" is intended to shield a lineman from harm which is brought about by contacting of live wires during support. Numerous deadly electrical mishaps are going on because of miscommunication between the upkeep staff and the electric substation staff. To evade mishaps, the undertaking is planned in which just approved individual can work it with the assistance of a secret phrase. The Pole Mounted GSM-based Circuit Breaker is a framework that gets to just indicated secret key to controlling the electrical switch by an approved individual as it were. Here, there is likewise an arrangement of changing the secret word. The framework is completely constrained by the 8-bit microcontroller from 8051 family which has an 8KB of ROM for the program memory. A GSM phone is utilized to enter the secret key and transfer commands to relay driver, an IC is accustomed to turning ON/OFF the heaps through transfers. This framework additionally gives the favourable position to disconnect just focused on the broken region at an extremely exact level without complete closure.

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