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AI Based Virtual Mouse Using Hand Gestures

Umesh Pinjarkar, Vedant Bhosale, Prathamesh Pawar


The field of human-computer interaction has advanced significantly over the last several years. To incorporate the use of a mechanical mouse for controlling the mouse pointers with hand gestures and color recognition, we employed a Human-Computer Interaction technique in this project. Object identification, image processing, and color recognition are the three key areas in which our project's suggested technologies are applied. In this project, we will demonstrate a revolutionary method of Human-Computer Interaction in which the cursor's movement is controlled by a real-time camera. Hand gestures were recorded using a camera and color recognition software. Driven by the notion of interacting with the computer system, we have attempted to eliminate the boundaries between human and computer communication by substituting gestures for the hardware that is already in place. The objective is to employ finger motions—that is, gesture recognition—instead of relying on hardware, like a mouse, to move the mouse cursor on the screen. In recent years, various technologies have been investigated to create virtual mice. The three primary domains of our project's proposed technologies are object identification, image processing, and color recognition. In this study, we provide a novel approach to human-computer interaction in which a real-time camera controls the pointer movement.


Virtual mouse control, Hand gesture recognition, Finger Detection, Finger counting, Color Segmentation.

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