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Mechanical Properties of Titanium and Nickel based Nano Composite Super Alloys: A Review

SUNKARA JAYA KISHORE, Mallikarjuna Biradar


To overcome the problems facing in traditional commercial alloys, lot of studies are going on to replace them with composites and super alloys. At present manufacturing world scenario titanium and then nickel based Nano composites (NC) showing their major importance in aeronautical, jet propulsion and gas turbine industries.

The research explores in advent of nanoparticles in to metals to get NCs are now changing from classical reinforcement to new types of reinforcement at Nano scale in this  review paper we are putting an effort about the properties, microstructures and their characteristics, various manufacturing processes for production of new age titanium and nickel based nanocomposites and the improvement of Nano composite super alloys which are suited for aviation applications, research challenges and future trends to meet aerospace engineering demands with practical examples. 


Titanium, Nickel, Sic, B4C Nanocomposites and Aerospace applications.

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