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Short Communication: Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal

Anusha M., Vinutha Moses, Lourdu Antony Raj


Squander water treatment is basic as it postures risk to nature. It conveys a considerable measure of contaminants and microorganism that cannot be let into the environment without treatment. Phosphate is one such component. This study examines and focuses on sewage treatment by enhanced organic phosphorus evacuation (EBPR) for the expulsion of phosphate. The modern waste for the most part contains phosphate. The basic methods of biochemistry, microbiology and concoction building are utilized in this process. Together normally known as biochemical designing is a most vital field in biochemical building.

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Anusha M, Vinutha Moses, Lourdu Antony Raj. Short Communication:
Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal. Emerging Trends in Chemical
Engineering. 2017; 4(3): 18–21p.


Biochemistry, microbiology, industrial waste, phosphate

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