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A Detailed Portrayal of Chemical Engineer in Chemical Process Development: An Overview

Veluru Sridevi


A chemical engineer may be involved in industry or university research where they are tasked in designing and performing experiments to create new and better ways of production, controlling pollution, conserving resources and making these processes safer. Chemical engineers are responsible for the availability of modern high quality materials that are essential to run an industrial economy. On the other hand, the chemistry is the science that studies (scale laboratory) matter, their changes and energy involved. The significance lies in that, everything around us is matter. The chemical engineer participates in a significant way in regard to the design and management of all the chemical processes on an industrial scale that allow to satisfy a need on the basis of raw materials until a final product in the hands of the consumer. We can see the presence of the chemical engineering professional in areas such as production, process control, quality control, industrial safety, technical support, security and hygiene, food, cosmetic and ecology; where proposes, designs, builds, operates and controls units to reduce the polluting impact of human activities. Chemical engineering involves the application of several principles. The key concepts have been presented in this paper.


Chemical engineering, process development, new concepts and innovations, recent progress

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