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Calculating the Normalized Absorption Population and Maximium Quantum Number of Electronic States of Isotopic B11H1 AND B11H2 of Boron Hydride Molecules

Dhia Hamdi Al-Amiedy


A calculation has been carried out for the theoretical calculation of some of the spectroscopic properties of isotopic B11H1 and B11H2 Boron Hydride molecules, such as the population of the absorption spectrum of electronic transitions X, A and B as a function of the temperature in the range from 50 to 500 K, and values of J in the range of 0 to 20. It was found that the values of calculated spectroscopic properties studied in this paper for B11H2 molecule greater than that of B11H1 molecule, and the populations of the molecule increase as the temperature increase with increases of J reaching maximum values the decreases reaching minimum values. Besides, at the value of Jmax increases with the increase in temperature, and its values (Jmax) for the electronic state X  greater than that of A and B as the of the temperature increases. While the values of normalized Boltzmann population of the rotational energy level versus 2B(J+1) at different temperature of B11H1 higher than that of B11H2.


Absorption intensity, electronic transition, Boron Hydride molecules, ground electronic state, excited electronic state, normalized absorption population, maximum J, temperature

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