Biobutanol Production from Lignocellulosic Material

M. Gokulakrishnan, Ravishankar S. Nilegar, M. J. Pradeep, P. R Vinod


A significant research is a need for the synthesis of the alternative energy sources, among the fuels are the most essential thing in a day today life. Researchers are developing the new methodologies for the preparation of fuels from the plant sources using advanced bio-techniques. Fermentation systems in one of such technique which is contributing great impulse to research in the production of butanol from various plant sources. In the present investigation we have extracted butanol by the ABE fermentation using a Lignocellulosic substrate obtained from the non edible plant Pongamia pinnata and we obtained the butanol in good yield i.e., 62.16%, compare to the reported methodologies.



ABE fermentation, Pongamia pinnata, butanol

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