Common Effluent Treatment Plant Concept: A Novel Solution for Fish Meal and Oil Extraction Industries in Mangalore Karnataka

C. T. Puttaswamy, K. R. Sree Harsha, Rohini Rohini


Fish Meal and Oil Processing Industries (FOMA) has established a Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) in Mangalore to treat the Effluents generated by their different small scale units to the Discharge Standards laid by Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India for Common Effluent Treatment Plants as per Environment Protection Rules, 1986. The Effluents are treated by Anaerobic and Aerobic Methods, the treated Effluents are discharged in marine environment. The organic loads for the design of treatment plant considered based on the fish processing operations. For the design effluent characteristic BOD/COD ration of 0.6, pH – 6.0 to 9.0, Total suspended solids <1500 mg/lit and oil and grease (fat) < 30 mg/lit for 600 KLD capacity. The present paper elucidates the advantages of CETP for Treating Effluents from Fish Meal and Oil Extraction Process, Pollution Characteristics of Effluents, the technology adopted for treatment of effluents from such industries along with the standards met after the treatment with payback period calculation by recovery of Methane gas and its utilization as auxiliary fuel in boilers report as 9 to 10 years considering only 6 month CETP operation in a year.


Common Effluent Treatment, UASBR, EAASP

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