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Modelling the Reliability and unreliability of Selected Gas Plant Units

Ekperi. U. I., O gbuta, Chimezie Jcbryte


This research demonstrates the reliability analysis of some units of some selected Gas Plant. In the study, unit plants of reboiler, stripper, cooling, compressor, acid dehydrated, heat transfer fluid, expander, and liquefaction were examined in terms of reliability and unreliability for a period of eight years. The results obtained revealed decrease in reliability value of unit plant with increase in period of utilization, whereas unreliability and cost increased with increase in the period of utilization of each unit plant. The research findings reveal that high cost of unreliability was obtained on heat transfer fluid unit plant, whereas, the most reliable unit plant was the acid dehydrated unit. The study revealed that all the unit plants considered maintained high performance within the period under investigation. The function parameters evaluated in this research work include, mean time between failure, total mean time between failure, failure rate, total failure rate, failure per year, total failure rate, failure per year, total failure per year, corrective time per failure, total corrective time per year, time lost per year, total lost time per year, time lost from unreliability, gross margin, total gross margin, and breakdown maintenance cost for all the unit plant. The result obtained from the research work revealed that the reliability value is within the range of 36.84 to 81.90% whereas unreliability value is within the range of 18.10 to 69.88% for the various plant units sampled. The failure rate obtained revealed 4.57×10 for reboiler, 6.00×10 for stripper, 1.14×10 for cooling, 2.28×10 for compressor, 7.13×10 for Acid Dehydration, 1.30×10 for Heat Transfer, 6.85×10 for Expander and 4.57×10 for Liquefaction respectively. Finally, the study is found useful in monitoring, and predicting some units of liquefied natural gas plant in term of failure.

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