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Use of Modified and Unmodified Calcium Oxide from Bio-resources as Heterogeneous Transesterification Catalyst for Biodiesel Synthesis: A Review

Enas A. Almadani, Fatma Abouejeelah Omar


Metal oxides have been widely used to catalyze various types of organic reaction, whatever supported or nonsupport metal oxide catalysts (supported with metal, mixed oxides and acids such as sulphoric acid). Calcium oxide is one of the most metal oxides used as heterogeneous catalysts; due to its favorable properties such as high activity, availability, low cost, and easily separated, as well as environmental friendly. Calcium oxide whether laboratory, prepared from chemical compound calculation or from different biomaterials (bio-resources) such as (waste chicken, cow and goat bones, and waste eggshell and seashells. Modified and unmodified calcium oxides have been widely used to catalyze various types of organic reaction such as esterification and transesterification reaction. This paper reviewed some recent studies on the using of modified and unmodified calcium oxide as heterogeneous catalysts for trans-esterification reaction.

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