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Esterification in Reactive Distillation Column Using Software Packages: A Review

Neha Kumari, Gagnesh Sharma


Abstract: Reactive distillation is the combination of reaction and separation in a same column. This represents an exciting alternative to traditional liquid phase chemical reaction processing. In reactive distillation, separation of products from unconverted reactants allows for better conversion, because produce elimination put out of place equilibrium and forces the reaction towards completion. The energy requirement of the conventional column is very and requires large recycling costs. Reactive Distillation is attractive when the liquid phase reactant is in large excess. The conversion of homogeneous and heterogeneous reaction takes places in reactive distillation column in which the reaction takes place in the presence of catalyst. Designing, operation and process improvement of RD column is highly complex task.

The Thermodynamic properties are spontaneous with the Wilson, NTRL and UNIQUAC Property Package models which are obtainable in HYSYS simulator program.


Keywords: Modeling, Simulation,Reactive Distillation, Aspen Plus.

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