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Physical and Mechanical Characterization of Boron carbide(B4C) and waste granite dust reinforced hybrid aluminium composite.



In this particular study the concussion of B4C and waste granite dust  reinforced on AA6082-T651 hybrid aluminium matrix composite (AMCs)which was fabricated using the stir casting process was investigated.These reinforcements were mixed and varied  in the ratio of  1:0,0:1,1:1,1:3,3:1 respectively in the aluminium  metal  matrix composite .The physical and mechanical characterization of these AMCs  were investigated.The obtained results  indicate that  the density of the composite XCM-5 increased by increasing the waste granite dust  in the composite(AA6082-T651+ 25 wt%B4C+75 wt% waste granite dust) and three point bending test results  also indicate that XCM-5 has maximum flexural strength.


Al6082-T651,B4C,Waste Granite dust, metal matrix composite, physical & mechanical characterization.

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