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Structural optimization of chassis frame of Electric Kart

Vivek K.S


The chassis frame serves the function of giving structural safety to a vehicle at the same time incorporate different subsystems like steering and transmission. This makes the chassis frame a very crucial component especially in a vehicle like race kart. The weight of the chassis frame of an electric kart plays a major role in its performance and efficiency. By reducing the weight of a kart the range, maximum speed and acceleration can also be improved. The project focuses on optimizing the chassis frame of an Electric Kart by replacing the steel members of the chassis with Aluminium alloy to reduce the weight while maintaining the safety and strength. The main factors considered for replacement of steel are weight, cost and strength. In the first phase, the availability, machinability and assembly process of Aluminium alloy was studied and analysed. The comparison study of aluminium and steel with respect to cost and weight was also carried out. The structural analysis is carried on the various proposed models of chassis designs of the electric kart using design and analysis software.


Keywords:Electric Kart, Weight reduction, Aluminium alloy

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