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A Comparison on Driver Fatigue/Drowsiness Detection Methods

Glace Babu, Anjali A. R, Anjalin Joy


The rapid improvements in the automobile industry have made our vehicles more powerful, easier to drive and control, safer, more energy efficient, and more environmentally friendly. The accidents caused today by cars are mainly due to the driver fatigue. Driving for a long period of time causes excessive fatigue and tiredness which makes the driver sleepy or loose awareness. The rapid increase in the number of accidents seems to be increasing day by day. Therefore, a need arises to design a system that detects fatigue/drowsiness and provides proper aid to prevent accidents. In this paper, various driver fatigue/drowsiness detection methods are introduced so far in the literature, and their merits and demerits are studied.


Fatigue detection, image processing, bio signal processing, biometric authentication, behavioral measures, physiological measures

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