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Vibration Monitoring of Diesel Engine Using Bioethanol from Water Hyacinth as Fuel

Choudhary A K, Chelladurai H., Kannan C.


For the current study, water hyacinth plants (Eichhornia crassipes) are used as raw materials for fermentation with native yeast isolated from the water hyacinth plants. Acid hydrolysis followed by fermentation with the yeasts resulted in the yield of bioethanol. Bioethanol is mixed with diesel fuel in different ratios and used in IC engines. Vibrations have direct effects on engine components therefore; analysis of vibration resulting from combustion in IC engines is prudent. The current research intends to provide evaluation of vibration on diesel and its blends with bioethanol in various operating conditions. A systematically designed experiments using the central composite rotatable design (CCRD) has been performed and an empirical model has been developed. For the blending purpose bioethanol extracted from water hyacinth has been used with commercial diesel fuel (BED) in different percentages. A piezo-electric bi-morph sensor has been used to measure vibration signals which in turn have used to monitor the engine operating conditions. The results have indicated that 10 BED (10% bioethanol- diesel blend) has produced minimum engine block vibration


Diesel engine block vibration, Central composite rotatable design (CCRD), Water Hyacinth, Bioethanol

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