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A Review of Aerodynamics Effects to a Vehicle

Bhanu Prakash Panwar


This paper summarizes the contributions made to the special issue on aerodynamics and whole design procedure in order to assure the achievement of the expected objectives in terms stability and handling. In this paper after a short introduction about the aerodynamics of vehicle further aspects of coefficient drag, lift coefficient and its impact on acceleration as well as the velocity of a vehicle will be described along with mathematical formula and illustrated diagrams as well. Attentions will be focused on the methods, both experimental and computational those are presently available to obtain the desired aerodynamic drag influence to a vehicle. In particular, the calculated drag number of different cars also provided in an arranged tabular form, with this new derived technology of aerodynamic testing from BMW also described in this paper. A sight of possible future development and research in this field also suggested.



Aerodynamics, drag and drag coefficient, lift coefficient, impact on velocity and acceleration, testing of aerodynamics

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