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A Review study on Deep Drawing Analysis of Sheet Metal with Different Materials

Neeraj Sharma, Shailesh Singh Thakur


Deep drawing is one of the maximum vital processes for forming metal steel components.It is widely used for mass manufacturing of cup shapes in car, aerospace and packaging industries. In deep drawing metallic sheet is subjected to high punch stress which causes deformation of material, throughout deformation stresses are generated in numerous zones, which leads to numerous defects. The most important failure modes in sheet metallic elements are wrinkling and fracture. The existence of thickness version within the fashioned component may additionally cause strain awareness and might result in the acceleration of harm. Simulation and FEM analysis of the system through varying method parameters can interpret attention of flowing stresses at some point of deep drawing manner earlier before actual manufacturing of components, consequently, an anticipation of disorder unfastened product can be anticipated earlier than truly going for production.

Keywords: Deep drawing, FEM, Punch tool, Bending Deep drawing process.


Deep drawing; FEM; punch tool; bending deep drawing process

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