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Parul Gupta, Shailesh Singh Thakur


Sheet metal forming is a mostly use and expensive developed process. decrease of response time and costs, increases of the efficiency and superiority of the manufactured goods are very important for survival in the competitive manufacturing industry. Using Finite element analysis as a simulation Technique we can evaluate the performance of components, equipment’s and structures for various loading conditions. A categorization of managing geometry and material nonlinearity with regards to limited component recreation of framing activities has been summarized. The methodology in view of shell and continuum methodologies and strategies for managing frictional contact, are depicted. Themes of current enthusiasm on limited component investigation, for example, mistake estimation, projection of blunder, and versatile work refinement have been surveyed.

Keywords: FEA, Sheet metal bending, ANSYS, Aluminum Alloy, geometric nonlinearity, material nonlinearity.


FEA; sheet metal bending; ANSYS; aluminium alloy; geometric nonlinearity; material nonlinearity

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