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A Hybrid Model of Solar PV-Wind Power Generation System Using Solar Tracker at Home

A.R.M. Iftekhar Mahmud, Apple Mahmud, Prama Debnath, Md. Rashedul Hoque Sarker, Ahmed Mortaza Saleque



Renewable energy is naturally refilled on renewable sources; i.e. energy produced from wind, solar, biomass, hydropower, geothermal and ocean resources are considered as a technical option for generating clean energy. But the energy produced by wind turbines and solar is much less than that produced by fossil fuels. However, in recent years, the electricity generated by utilizing wind turbines and solar cells have been increased. This paper is the representation of the solar-wind hybrid power generation system that takes the wind and the renewable energies from the sun for producing electricity. The control of this system mainly depends on the microcontroller. Using this system, it can be possible to utilize the resources and can improve efficiency. Also, the reliability will be increased and the dependency on a single source has been reduced. So, the hybrid (solar/wind) system is more environmental and economic friendly.

Keywords: Renewable energy, solar energy, wind energy, solar tracker, PV cell, hybrid power system

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A.R.M. Iftekhar Mahmud et al. A Hybrid Model of Solar PV-Wind Power Generation System Using Solar Tracker at Home. Journal of Alternate Energy Sources & Technologies. 2019; 10(1): 1–8p.

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