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Development of 12V-30W Solar Cell by Local Materials of Rural Bangladesh

Iffat R. Arisa, Murshed Ali


Sustainable social and economic development depends on adequate power generation capacity of a country. In order to increase the power generation by fuel diversification, the development of renewable energy is one of the important strategies. Bangladesh is one of the densely populated countries which do not have sufficient supply of energy. The present crisis in power supply hints at the troublesome time to come ahead. To cope with the exponential growth in demand for power in the country, there is no alternative to renewable energies besides the existing sources. There is a good scope for renewable energies such as solar, wind, biomass etc. for micro/mini hydro power generation in Bangladesh. The possibilities of using solar power are already being tested. The sufficient period of bright sunshine hours daily in Bangladesh proves that there are future prospects for solar energy here. But still, most households in rural area of Bangladesh meet their daily needs with biomass fuel. To make people willing to use solar power to meet the current energy demand, easily available cheap local materials have been tried to construct solar cells. In this study, the local materials available in rural areas of Bangladesh are used to develop12 V–30 W solar battery. The materials are safe, cheap, easy to use, and provide good service. The solar cell made of these local materials can be used for domestic purposes, such as for lighting, running table fans, etc. But this solar battery cannot be used in heavy electronics.

Keywords: Solar cell, rural Bangladesh, local materials, lead

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Arisa Iffat R, Murshed Ali. Development of 12V-30W Solar Cell by Local Materials of Rural Bangladesh. Journal of Alternate Energy Sources and Technologies. 2016; 7(1): 39–43p.

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