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Analytical Design of 1 kW Capacity Lithium Bromide/Water Absorption Refrigeration System

Anil K. Berwal, Rao Mukheshwar Yadav


In current era, the energy scarcity is the key concern. In this context, new alternative environment-friendly energy resources have to be explored. The researchers are focusing more on effective and efficient use of energy. The difference in demand and production of energy opens a new arena of heat recovery systems. Vapour absorption refrigeration systems (VARS) are one of the prominent heat recovery systems powered by heat, and can be powered by waste heat. This article presents the analytical design of aqueous lithium-bromide based VARS. Operating parameters for all the parts are designed on the basis of evaporator capacity, i.e. 1 kW. The thermodynamic simulation is done on the basis of empirical correlations. The engineering equation solver (EES) codes are developed to determine various working parameters of VARS with the different operating conditions. The coefficient of performance (COP) for VARS is calculated with respect to different temperatures of the generator, condenser, absorber and effectiveness of solution heat exchanger. The behaviour of COP is studied with varying operating parameters. The obtained results prove that the COP is highly responsive to operating temperature of generator and condenser. The optimum value of COP and parameters are calculated by one factor at time (OFAT) technique.
Keywords: VARS, LiBr/water, heat recovery system


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Rao Mukheshwar Yadav, Berwal Anil K. Analytical Design of 1 kW Capacity Lithium Bromide/Water Absorption Refrigeration System. Journal of Alternate Energy Sources and Technologies. 2017; 8(3): 36–49p.

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