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Biodiesel Blends in Diesel by Improvement of Cold-Flow Properties of Karanja and Jatropha Biodiesel

Devendra Pratap Singh, Rajesh Kumar


In this paper performance analysis of blends, Method for improving the cold-flow properties of jatropha and Karanja based biodiesel are described. Biodiesel fuels made from saturated fatty acids will have a greater cloud point and pour point than those obtained from unsaturated fatty acids. The
goal of this study is to look at the cold flow parameters of 100% biodiesel and biodiesel mixes in diesel engines. The cold flow characteristics of biodiesel were examined in this paper with and without chemical additives. Blending was done with conventional diesel and mixture of polymethyl
acryl ate and poly alpha olefin. The effect of polymethyl acrylate (PMA) and poly alpha olefin on the cold-flow properties of biodiesel blend composition were different of which poly alpha olefin was most effective with 8°C decreases in the cloud point and 13°C decreases in the pour point, poly alpha
olefin (PAO) was very efficient in decreasing both cloud point and pour point of biodiesel blend composition (5%) of the chemical additive content of 7.5 g/L, although at higher content, e.g. 10 g/L it provided little effect on cloud point and pour point. The result was observed better on the mixture of
additives poly alpha olefin, polymethyl acrylate with Karanja and Jatropha Biodiesel (5% each) blend in 90% conventional diesel.

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