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Analysis and Assessment of Energy Saving in Building Construction Using Sustainable Building Materials: A Case Study

S. Vijaya Bhaskar, K. Nagendra Prasad


Sustainable technology is associated with creating environment with the materials that are reproducible and would not involve materials and methods that encroach on to future needs of the society. Building materials, technologies and building practices have evolved through ages signifying quality and reliability. It is widely known that housing and building sector represents the living standards of society. Some of the building materials namely stone, mud, thatch, leaves and timber are extensively used in construction of buildings. Energy in different forms is used inmanufacturing and transportation of these natural materialsfor construction. Burnt bricks, lime, cement, steel, metal products, paints and PVC are the manufactured materials (using external energy) commonly used for construction industry. Extensive use of these materials can drain the energy resources and adversely affect the environment.It is difficult to meet the ever-growing demand for buildings by adopting only energy efficient materials and construction methods. The raw materials to produce simple, energy efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable building materials and techniquesto satisfy the increasing demand for buildings and decrease the consumption of energy in buildings. For this purpose, a study is considered.


Keywords: Energy, sustainable materials, alternative technologies, green buildings

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Vijaya Bhaskar S, Nagendra Prasad K. Analysis and Assessment of Energy Saving in Building Construction Using Sustainable Building Materials: A Case Study. Journal of Construction Engineering, Technology & Management. 2017; 7(1): 1–9p.

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