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Analysis and Design of Cantilevered Steel False Work Systems Subjected to Earthquake Loads

Mohamed Salah El-Din Darwish, Ahmed Hatem Romaih, Sama Tarek Taha, Khaled Nassar


Construction of buildings with non-typical floors has been always problematic in extending the false work all over the height to support non-regular cantilevered slabs extending from upper floors. Cantilevered frames supporting formwork systems with no need for extending the false work along the height of the building have been recently designed in previous studies. However, the need to design such cantilevers in order to withstand dynamic loads has emerged. Within this study, modal analyses of two different designs of cantilevered false works are performed with varying spans and during the different stages of construction. The results are used to judge whether these temporary structures are expected to resonate due to dynamic loads such as winds and earthquakes or not. Furthermore, the behaviors of these structures were studied under an actual earthquake through performing a time-history analysis and the adjusted designs of the members due to the new load combination were performed.

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