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A Proposed Management System for Efficient Construction Site Productivity

Raji Al-Ani, Ibrahim Haijal, Orabi Al-Rawi


The concept of on-site construction productivity has long been a major concern of researchers and construction companies. The factors that influence construction site productivity vary according to the project environment, project type, staff, management, and other related factors and/or variables. In this study, the main factors that are believed influencing construction site productivity are reviewed as environmental, manpower, management, and site. A field survey has evaluated site productivity of 150 construction projects, including 132 civil and 18 building projects to identify the actual productivity and the factors behind poor productivity. The survey results showed that the most influential manpower factors are the difficulty of finding qualified site supervisors, changing supervisors, changing workers and the lack of skilled workers. The most influential management factors were a lack of motivation and financial incentives, scheduled overtime, stop-work orders as a result of site accidents, rejection of work by the construction supervisory committees, stoppages of work because of disputes with owners/consultants, and poor subcontractor coordination. The study proposes a site management system includes a set of on-site procedures, to be implemented by project managers for improve efficiency of site productivity. Application of the suggested system is expected to assist site management in improving site productivity.
Keywords: construction productivity, site management system, on-site productivity

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