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Analysis of Regular And Irregular High Rise (G+30) Building For Seismic Zone V.

Manisha R. Sinare, N.S. Vaidkar, A.B. Vahwale


Earthquake is a vital parameter to be considered while designing structures. Lots of work has been
done by researchers who worked to study the effect of regular, irregular and its shape of the
structure. The main aim of the project is, comparative study of regular and vertically irregular
(G+30) building in seismic zone V for different soil condition is done. The results are tabulated and
graphs are plotted for displacement, drift, base shear, and time period. Based on the results the
structural behaviour for regular and vertically irregular structure concluded that, among these
structures irregular structure and hard soil shown maximum displacement and drift for zones V in
dynamic analysis. Modelling and analysis of (G+30) regular and vertically irregular R.C.C. framed
building is done using ETABS software.

Keywords: ETABS, high rise building, regular and irregularity, seismic analysis, soil types

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