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A Review on Sustainable Building with Recycled Concrete

Mohit A.K. Arya, Adesh A. Dandge, Vijay H. Nimbhore, Rakhi H. Nimbhore


There are various advantages of using high strength concrete as it not only reduces the structural dimension but also help in gaining cost cutting and more profits in high rise structure with reduction of dead load, and self-weight of the structure, also help in reducing the formwork area and cost saving due to smaller foundations beds. Beside this rise in construction industry with the help of concrete, there are huge number of building waste are collected with the construction and demolition waste in all parts of the world. Until now the energy consumption is been the only topic to generate any interest in the sector of real estate. But now people are getting aware with the properties that construction is consuming lots of virgin resources. So now people are starting considering the building products with their sustainability and use. There are various studies carried out day by day in RCA as its the main component of concrete which alone contribute about 60% as whole. But concrete is a nonrenewable source. Various lands are required for quarrying the virgin aggregate. So if C and D waste are utilized in recycled way it can reduce the extraction of virgin aggregate which will help the environment as well in reduction of greenhouse gas emission.

Keywords: Sustainable Building, Recycled Concrete, High Strength concrete, Structural dimension, dead load


RCA: recycled coarse aggregate RMC: ready mix concrete plant, CO2- Carbon Dioxide, Mpa-Mega Pascal

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