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Design And Implementation of Controllers for Quadruple Tank System

Nagarajapandian M., Kanthalakshmi S., Anitha T.


Process industries have tightly integrated processes which are non-linear and have multiple manipulated and controlled variables. Level measurement plays an important role in many industries. In this paper, the level of the two lower tanks has to be controlled. Three different controllers have been designed and implemented by manipulating the motorised control valve. Conventional controllers may not perform well because of the variations in process dynamics and disturbances around them. Such controllers cannot handle interactions. In this paper, IMC based controllers have been implemented. To reduce the interactions in the system, a compensator called decoupler is designed. The requirement of high performance control systems for industrial applications has produced great research efforts for the application of modern control theory and, in particular, adaptive control. Model reference adaptive control has been designed to reduce impact of variations in process dynamics and disturbances, and implemented.


Keywords: PID controller, IMC controller, model reference adaptive controller, decoupler

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Nagarajapandian M, Kanthalakshmi S, Anitha T. Design and Implementation of Controllers for Quadruple Tank System. Journal of Control & Instrumentation. 2018; 9(1): 25–32p.

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