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110kV Primary Substation Automation Based on PLC and SCADA

Sneha K.R., Chandra Bose K.N.


This research paper describes the automated switch control of 110kV primary substation by using SCADA and PLC ladder logic. The basic idea behind substation automation is to monitor the switchyards in substation. In substation, many relays and circuit breakers are used. When any one of the breakers are tripped, serious issues may happened and hence, it required monitoring and controlling through sophisticated system like SCADA. In this project, signals are given to the computer of the substation where there is an electronic control unit which controls the sequence of disconnecting the load. On the basis of controls from computer the breakers are managed through SCADA system. If there any problem occurs in plant, we can easily identify which part is tripped. After that we can troubleshoot the problem through manpower and monitor the substation. Objective of this project is to transform manual control system to automated switch control system. This paper analyses the performances of incoming feeders and outgoing feeders of 110kV substation for real time data monitoring by using SCADA wonderware intouch software. Also automate all the process taking place in the substation. The simulation based approach automated systems are demonstrated in this research. According to the simulation result, the proposed automated control system using PLC are met with the desired control environment with high performance stage, based on actual data available from 110kV substation.

Keywords: Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), programmable logic controller (PLC), remote terminal units (RTU), intelligent electronic devices (IED), automatic load shedding (ALS)

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Sneha KR, Chandra Bose KN. 110kV Primary Substation Automation Based on PLC and SCADA. Journal of Control & Instrumentation. 2016; 7(2): 5–13p.

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