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Analysis of Three Tank Interacting System with Observer Based Controller

Prabhakaran M., Kanthalakshmi S.


The three tank interacting system is used as standard bench mark problem for various control strategies like fault tolerant control, robust control, optimal control and is also most widely used in process industries such as oil refineries, food process industries etc. Most of the literature accepted the fact that the interaction is the major problem in controlling the level of three tank system. In this paper, three tank interacting system with single input single output (SISO) configuration has been considered; for the same system configuration, conventional PID controller and observer based controller are implemented to analyse the plant behaviour. Initially, the plant is modelled by real time open loop data; based on this model, simple PID tuning has been performed and controller strategy is implemented. Finally, PID controller is replaced by observer based, and performance analyses are completed for both the controllers.

Keywords: Three tank interacting system, SISO configuration, conventional PID, observer based control, advanced control strategy

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Prabhakaran M, Kanthalakshmi S. Analysis of Three Tank Interacting System with Observer Based Controller. Journal of Control & Instrumentation. 2018; 9(1): 17–24p.

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