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Design of XYZ Plotter

N Dinesh Kumar, G. Natraj, G. Rajesh, U. Ashwini


The main aim of this study is to design XYZ plotter using stepper motor and GRBL controller software, Arduino UNO. The XYZ plotter plots three-dimensional data on a Cartesian coordinate system. This work examines about the detailed study, design and creation of XYZ plotter from 3D printer and microcontroller framework (Arduino). Displaying and investigation of XYZ plotter are carried out through serial communication from computer to Arduino. It is executed through the algorithm and G-Code.

Keywords: XYZ plotter, Arduino UNO, CNC Shield V3, 3D printer, G-Code

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N. Dinesh Kumar, G. Natraj, G. Rajesh, B. Supriya, U. Ashwini. Design of XYZ Plotter. Journal of Control & Instrumentation. 2019; 10(2): 16–20p.

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